Homework Nepal


Housemaid Services in Kathmandu

Housemaid Services

Being one of the best housemaid service in Kathmandu, we provide 24 hours of maid service.

Cleaning Services​

Cleaning Services

Homework Nepal also provides cleaning services in Kathmandu to its Valuable Customers.

Plumbing Services in Nepal

Plumbing Services

Have you faced problems with Water Pipes? Don’t worry Homework Nepal is here for your Problems.



Homework Nepal offers various domestic services like senior care services in Kathmandu.

Babysitter in Nepal


We offer full-time or part-time babysitter service at a reasonable price.

Childbirth Care ​

Childbirth Care

Childbirth Care is a Service which takes care of your newly born Child and Mother.



We also provide electrical Service to our valuable clients. 



Painting your home is most important things, so if you are looking for painters we are here to help.

Tiles marble fittings

Marble Tiles Fitting

Are you looking for marble/tiles fitting in Nepal? No look further than Homework Nepal.

Gardening Services​

Gardening Services

Homework Nepal also provides Gardening Services for your home or offices.

Physiotherapist Services​

Physiotherapist Services

Are you looking for a Physiotherapist? No worry Homework Nepal provides you best service.

Waterproofing Services


Homework Nepal also provides Waterproofing Service for your home or offices.

Job Placement

Job Placement Service

Job placement service can help job seekers connect with employers and find jobs…

interior Decoration

Interior Decoration

Looking for professional interior decoration services to elevate the look and feel of your home..

Glass Workers

Glass Workers

Homework Nepal provides trained and skilled glass workers for various industries and projects.

False ceiling Fitter

False Ceiling Fitter

Homework Nepal offers professional False Ceiling Fitters for your home or office.

Academic Staffs

Homework Nepal provides a team of highly qualified academic staff.

Industrial Staffs

Homework Nepal offers a wide range of industrial staff with diverse skills and expertise..

Hospitality Sector Workers

Hospitality Sector Worker

Homework Nepal provides a platform for finding skilled and reliable hospitality sector workers.