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How to Prepare Your Home for a Maid Service Visit

The modern era of the 21st century is too challenging and everyone is too busy handling their stuff and day-to-day activities. Nobody has free time for household and other activities to do during their free time. So Maid and Household services have been merging businesses and services all over the world.  Especially from the past 10 years, people from various continents have evolved this service as housekeeping, caretaker, child and old age care. It has positive outcomes for the living standards of the house owner as well as the maids and the housekeepers. Employment opportunities and flexible management have been provided to all the people who are enrolled in this sector. There are some terms and conditions that are to be kept in mind before you prepare your home for a maid service. They are as below:

  1. Clear and manage all the laundry and dirt.

It is crucial to manage all the laundry and dirt in one place so that the maids can clean it in an easy and manageable way. Clothes, dirt, sheets and towels are to be managed properly from the premises as there may or may not be a housekeeping facility as per the subscription and requirements.

  1. Manage your Bedding and bed seats for Bed:

As mentioned earlier, there may or may not be a housekeeping facility. So, it is essential to clear your bedding and make it ready for the laundry to make it clean, tidy and matchable according to the maids.

  1. Manage your items away:

Some of the personal items might be expensive and valuable, so managing them away and keeping them in a safe place is essential. Jewellery and other ornaments are to be managed in a safe place rather than blamed and accused of theft and robbery in case of misplaced and lost.

  1. Leftover Foods and Dishes:

Be sure to dump or remove the leftover foods and collect the dishes in the trash can and basin. They might not be aware of the leftover foods and dishes so they may be confused about whether to clean or keep them there.

  1. Managing the food jars and containers:

Manage your food containers and water jars in such a way that the cleaners will get enough space to clean them and make them as tidy as you want. They might not feel comfortable removing and cleaning the congested areas.

  1. Pets and restrictions:

Protecting the maids from the attack of pets is an essential role. Be aware to lock the pets or keep them far away for the cleaning areas. Their eating and stools can make cleaning more difficult.

  1. Coordination and communication:

Ensure smooth communication and make sure to explain all the basic requirements that are expected from the cleaners or the maids. This helps the maids to meet their expectations and provide the quality services as demanded.

  1. Planning:

You must plan the day and the sort of cleaning you want with the cleaners and the maids. If you are busy at work, communicate your plan to clean the home with the timing and way for cleaning, cleaning places and patterns.

  1. Security System:

It is essential to provide them with the system keys and make them aware of the security while cleaning if you are not at home. This ensures a smooth and tidy cleaning job.

Maid Service in Nepal


Managing and maintaining these above things a cleaner can clean your house in a neat way that matches the expectations you have. It is essential to ensure that the garbage and leftovers are properly disposed of in the trash cans. It is challenging to match the expectations of both the owners and the cleaners but ensuring these above steps are taken wisely, they can be matched with the expectations. All of it depends on the way you manage and maintain the proper housing concept. So, that the maids can freely clean it comfortably.

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